About Cat Welfare Sussex

We are a local registered charity run entirely by volunteers dedicated to the welfare of stray and unwanted cats both domestic and feral, within the Southern area.

We rescue and rehome approximately 100-150 cats per year - the vast majority of cats that come into our care are rejects. They are the cats that nobody else wants. We say "Yes" when others say "No".

'Special Needs' Cats

The cats, that through no fault of their own, have been regarded as unhomeable by other organisations or discarded by thoughtless owners. The ill treated, injured, frightened or temperamental are all welcome here.

Our Cattery is so much more than a rehoming centre. It is a little haven where these poor, forgotten creatures can rest their weary paws, mend their broken bones, calm their shattered nerves and restore their weary bodies.

They can lie in the sun and not have to worry where their next meal is coming from. The youngsters can run, jump and play with their toys and the oldies can rest on warm blankets. Food is plentiful, while each and every one is loved and respected individually. They have warmth and comfort in winter and fresh air and sunshine in summer.

Our cattery is a happy place . A place of healing. A place of tranquillity. A safe and secure stepping stone on the pathway towards a better life.

In working closely with vets , local councils, social services, police and environmental agencies we seek to prevent cruelty at source.

The Charity's policies are:

To neuter both male and female cats wherever possible by providing a subsidised neutering service to those members of the public who are unable to afford veterinary fees.
To offer help and advice to the public regarding non veterinary problems, such as homing and general cat care.
To rescue, neuter and, where necessary, rehabilitate stray and feral cats thus preventing unwanted births and the spread of feline diseases throughout our area.
No healthy cat is ever put to sleep. We do not use euthanasia as a soft option, other than to alleviate extreme pain and severe suffering due to illness or injury.
Cat Welfare Sussex believes that each cat has a right to life.
Cat Welfare Sussex do not employ Work Experience Students, Trainees or Voluntary Helpers at the cattery. However, Volunteers are always needed to help with Fund Raising and other charitable events (see Fund Raising).
We do not enter into Adoption, Subsidized Neutering or Re homing advice via email. Please telephone for advice. (01273 423861)
Calls will be returned during office hours. Please be patient as Tommy and I are both very busy with the running of the cattery and fund raising etc. It would help if you could leave a land line contact number as returning calls to mobiles adds extra expense for the Charity.
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