Some of our Success Stories

We love to hear about how our 'graduates' have found new lives in new homes with new loving owners. Here are the stories behind some of our recent successes.

July 2011


Judith & Tony Lord emailed us with their wonderful account of how they helped May get settled into their house:

"A week before Christmas in 2010 we went to see little May at Julie's house, and instantly fell in love with her so took her home to live with us. For the first few days she was so shy and nervous, and hid in our spare room, only occasionally dashing out to eat and use the cat litter, then hiding again. All over Christmas we would pop into her room and sit quietly with her, and every day she became a bit more brave in checking us out.

Soon she began venturing into the rest of the house of her own accord, and was enthralled by new things like the television and the noise of the shower running. Although she still ran and hid when we had any visitors, she became comfortable with us, and would sit on her own chair in the lounge with us in the evening.

She also discovered the fun of playing with toys, her favourites being a penguin on elastic dangling from a stick, and a small bouncy rubber ball which she chases all over our kitchen and dining room. She doesn't like to go far from the house, but enjoys running around the garden especially when we're out there with her.

About three months ago she decided to try out sitting on our lap when we watched TV, instead of her own chair, and now she demands this every evening (and more at weekends!!), charging into the lounge and squeaking if we're taking too long over the dishes after dinner. She's a wonderful, sweet, friendly little bundle of joy, and now we can't imagine what life was like without her."

Rudi and Rexie, the 'Cider Boys'

Anna Borsey from Willingdon adopted two loveable rogues from Cat Welfare Sussex. Anna emailed us to tell us how they've settled in...

October 2010

"It is now just over 12 weeks since Rudi & Rexie were delivered to our house by Julie. These two, known as “the Cider Boys” because of their colouring which inspired Julieto name them Perry & Scrumpy, came from Fulling Mill Cottage, Fittleworth, West Sussex. They were part of a colony of some 75+ cats, all unneutered, and semi-feral. I have adopted true ferals before, and it was a success both times. We wanted to give two of old Fred’s cats a real home and a chance of a comfortable life, and they have certainly made themselves at home here. Just look at these photos! Initially they were a bit timid and shy – especially little Rexie – but soon they were both sleeping on our bed. Rexie likes to cuddle up right next to your head, or face; he is such an affectionate little cat! Rudi is rather clever; he worked out how to open the larder door because we used to keep all the cat food in there. He lies on the floor, puts both front paws under the door (there is a gap at one end; the floor is not level) and pulls at it until he has opened it (it has a roller ball catch).

Rudi has established himself locally, but Rexie only goes out when we go into the garden. Rudi is around two years oldand very handsome: a gorgeous deep, rich marmalade colour. His tail had to be amputated as a result of an accident (before he came here), which makes him look like a Manx cat. Rexie is about five years old and quite tiny, and his fur is very coarse and slightly wavy – curly even, here and there. One of the local vets said “Do you know what kind of Rex he is?” when we brought him in, and he was adamant that Rexie is at least 50% Rex! We are very pleased with our choice; with so many to choose from it wasn’t that easy. Barry loves little Rexie, who has become his special “fur baby” – but Barry actually chose Rudi when we visited the cattery! Rexie was my choice. I saw him sitting on the roof ridge at the cottage and I made my decision.


Both of them have many endearing and funny character traits. Rudi sits on the outside kitchen windowsill, mieowing loudly, while the food is being prepared, and when I open the window to let him in he walks backwards to the opening. Rexie likes to sit high up on the open staircase, which overlooks the dining room, and he loves to sit on top of the small kitchen radiator, paws neatly folded. It is hard to imagine life without them now!

Do give a feral, a semi-feral, or “nearly feral” cat a chance! It is so rewarding when they begin to trust you and make themselves at home."

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